Waliullah Rahmani

Waliullah Rahmani is a security and political affairs expert specializing in terrorism, insurgency, Afghanistan-Pakistan affairs and Islamic movements. He has led a think-tank in Kabul and advised national and international organizations on regional security and political trends of South Asia and Middle East

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    HOUTHIS CONTINUE TO CONSOLIDATE CONTROL IN YEMEN James Brandon During the last fortnight, Yemen’s Houthi movement has continued to expand and consolidate its control over the country’s central and western

    Afghanistan Prepares for the American Surge

    Having already made clear his intention to commit 30,000 new American troops to the war in Afghanistan, Barack Obama's inauguration was seen by many in Afghanistan as an opportunity to

    Has al-Qaeda Picked a Leader for Operations in China?

    Since al-Qaeda and the Taliban leadership shifted their operational bases from Afghanistan to Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), many new groups claiming to be linked to al-Qaeda have emerged. On

    Domestic Factors Driving the Taliban Insurgency

    Four years after the fall of the Taliban, insurgent violence has been steadily increasing across Afghanistan. This new wave of violence comes amidst Kabul's attempted peace process, and points to