Latest Media Appearances

Jamestown Fellow Jacob Zenn Quoted in Daily Beast Article

Jamestown Fellow Jacob Zenn was quoted in a January 4, 2017 Daily Beast article titled "Vladimir Putin's Newest Export: Terrorists." In the article, Zenn comments on Uzbeks being radicalized in Russia. To read the article and more insight from Jacob Zen, please click here.

Jamestown Analyst Animesh Roul Quoted in The Wall Street Journal

On October 25, Jamestown analyst was quoted in a  The Wall Street Journal article on recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Mr. Roul explained developments with Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the article "Police Academy Attack Shows New Security Threat to Pakistan. " Full... MORE

Jamestown Fellow Matt Brazil Quoted by LA Times

Jamestown Fellow Matt Brazil was quoted in the LA Times on September 24 regarding how China views espionage: “The regime appears to be accelerating counterintelligence efforts in response to fears of spies...This is part of a historical continuum in [Chinese Communist Party] history.” Full LA Times article... MORE

The Economist Cites Jacob Zenn

Jamestown Fellow Jacob Zenn was cited in an Economist article on competition in Boko Haram's leadership, "Boko Haram breaks up."

The Daily Beast quotes Nicholas Heras

On August 5, Jamestown Associate Fellow Nicholas A. Heras was quoted in a Daily Beast article titled "Russia Is Trying to Poach U.S.-Trained Rebels with 'Unlimited' Weapons in Syria."