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Islamist Movements in the Horn of Africa

On December 9, 2009, the Jamestown Foundation organized a special panel on "Islamist Movements in the Horn of Africa" as part of its annual conference, the latter appropriately titled "The Changing Strategic Gravity of al-Qaeda".  This report is comprised of the proceedings from this important... MORE
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Terrorism Trends in South and Southeast Asia

While the Arab Middle East is political Islam’s ideological and historical core, South Asia and Southeast Asia, concentrated in the Indonesian archipelago, make up the modern demographic core of the Muslim world. Advocates of political jihadism have been adept at exploiting pre-existing territorial and ethnic... MORE
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Britain & the North West Frontier: Strategy, Tactics and Lessons

The tribal areas of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) fully deserve President Barack Obama’s description as “the most dangerous place in the world”.  This remote and inhospitable region is only nominally under Pakistan's administration and its Pashtun tribesmen have a long history of opposing outside... MORE
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Who’s Who in the Somali Insurgency: A Reference Guide

The ongoing struggle for control of Somalia is one of the world’s most complicated. With the country already effectively split into three parts, it may be too late to speak of a Somali nation. While the popular conception of this conflict pits al-Qaeda associated Islamists... MORE
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Beyond the Afghan Trauma: Russia’s Return to Afghanistan

Russian authorities are extremely divided about the right position to take as Moscow increasingly concerns itself with the Afghan question. They have continually criticized NATO’s decisions though, at the same time, many Russian politicians recognize that the coalition’s failure to stabilize Afghanistan would place Russia... MORE
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Russian LNG – The Future Geopolitical Battleground

The global natural gas industry is undergoing a historical shift away from overland pipeline deliveries of gas and gradually towards Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), shipped by seaborne tankers designed to supply distant markets which cannot otherwise be supplied by traditional pipelines. Russia, the world’s largest... MORE
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The Changing Face of Islamist Militancy in North Africa

The Changing Face of Islamist Militancy in North Africa contains the proceedings of a panel from Jamestown's December 2008 conference entitled "The Expanding Geography of Militant Jihad." The report includes presentations by Theresa Whelan (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs, Office of the... MORE
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Gazprom’s European Web

In Gazprom's European Web, Jamestown analyst Roman Kupchinsky traces the unspoken connections between Russian gas giant Gazprom and various European companies.
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