Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 37

Army Gen. Vladimir Semenov, commander-in-chief of Russia’s ground forces, has continued coming to work every day since he was apparently fired by Defense Minister Igor Rodionov on December 2. The Kremlin quickly countermanded that dismissal order and placed Rodionov under suspension, and President Boris Yeltsin has yet to resolve the issue. Yesterday, Semenov made it clear that he and Rodionov still do not see eye to eye. Of Rodionov’s statement that Russia faces potential enemies to the West, South, and East, Semenov said that “if we think like that, no [military] budget will suffice.” He also said that it is necessary to “change the entire system of management” of the armed forces, and charged that the General Staff presently has more work than it can handle. Rodionov has suggested that the powers and authority of the General Staff be increased, and some reports have even alleged that plans are afoot to resubordinate the ground forces command to the General Staff. Semenov also said that “the absolute majority” of his colleagues throughout the CIS had offered him “moral support.” (Interfax, February 19)

Ukrainian Patriarch and Yakunin Excommunicated by Russian Orthodox Church.