Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 36

Russian and Chechen participants in the June 20 negotiations in Grozny agreed to extend the cease-fire for three more days, Russian media reported. (Segodnya on June 20 suggested that Dzhokhar Dudayev’s forces had violated the cease-fire and were organizing 300-500 man units for strikes into Russia.) The two sides also discussed how many Russian troops would remain in Chechnya after a settlement and where they would be based, Russian radio reported June 21. The radio said that there was an agreement that the Russian forces in Chechnya would not exceed one army regiment and one interior ministry regiment. The two sides also discussed amnesties for the Chechen fighters, and the future organization of state authority in the republic. Moscow’s representatives said that Chechnya should be a parliamentary republic, a form of power they said would correspond to the social structure of the region.

Chechen Fighters Return Home, Release Hostages.