Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 143

Maj.-General Vladimir Shamanov, commander of Russian Defense Ministry troops in Chechnya, outlined yesterday a plan to force the Chechen resistance into mountain areas above the tree line, and then to destroy the exposed fighters from the air. The execution of such a plan would necessarily last well into autumn, and would rule out any reinstatement of the armistice. Similarly, the political plan discussed at last week’s session of the government’s Commission for Chechnya settlement clearly envisaged a continuation of hostilities through the second half of the year (see Monitor, July 18)

Resistance leaders meanwhile called for the reinstatement of the armistice and the creation of an international commission to monitor observance of the Moscow and Nazran agreements. The leaders also disavowed the resurrected Salman Raduev’s threats of violence both against Russian civilian targets and against the resistance leadership itself. Zelimkhan Yandarbiev’s political spokesman Movladi Udugov and senior commanders stressed that Raduev no longer exercises any command.

"Chechnya head" Doku Zavgaev conceded yesterday that renegade members of his Russian-backed police had earlier this month kidnapped Lyudmila Ratushinskaya, administrative head of Grozny’s Lenin district, and are holding her for ransom. Moscow had blamed the kidnapping on the Chechen resistance and cited the case as one of alleged terrorist acts justifying the resumption of Russian military operations. (Russian and Western agencies, NTV, July 22)

Christopher to Raise Chechnya With Russian Counterpart.