Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 94

. Pursuant to the Duma’s September 9 resolutions, a first group of five deputies is flying September 13 to Belgrade, from whence they will go on to visit the Bosnian Serb authorities in Pale. The group will also collect data on "Croatia’s aggression against Serb Krajina." Group member Konstantin Zatulin, who chairs the Duma’s Committee on CIS Affairs, called before departure for urgent military support by Russia to the Serbs, particularly anti-aircraft missile installations. He also stressed that Russia "will not tolerate" NATO’s enlargement and called for consultations with CIS states, and with Bulgaria and Greece, to forestall that enlargement.(1) Zatulin, of the Democratic Party, is a political associate of Lt.-General Aleksandr Lebed and, like him, a candidate of the Congress of Russian Communities bloc in the upcoming elections. The notion that Croatia’s recovery of its own territory in Krajina constituted an "aggression" is common in Russian political circles and was also voiced by President Boris Yeltsin in his September 8 news conference.

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