Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 70

. Returningfrom the Gagauz autonomous region, Moldovan prime minister AndreiSangheli told the press August 5 that the disarmament of the Gagauzparamilitary force had been completed when the last holdout unitagreed to turn over its arms to the police. The Moldovan and thenewly installed Gagauz autonomous authorities used only persuasionin the process. Some residents of the region, however, still possessunregistered weapons which they have until August 27 to turn overunder the terms of a general amnesty. Meanwhile Moldovan policehas arrested the Gagauz former paramilitary commander, Ivan Burgudji,for arms trafficking, Flux reported August 7. During a previousdetention of Burgudji on similar charges, Russian nationalistand communist circles in Moscow had campaigned for his release.

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