Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 89

Lt. General Aleksandr Lebed, a leader of the Congress of Russian Communities, gave an unusually long interview to Aleksandr Prokhanov, the editor-in-chief of the neo-imperialist magazine Zavtra (no. 34). Lebed said that:

Lebed also offered a devastating critique of the Russian army’s present condition, and the quality of its leadership under Defense Minister Pavel Grachev. In addition, he sharply criticized Gen. Dmitri Volkogonov and veteran reformer Aleksandr Yakovlev. If these two were truly democrats, Lebed said, they would have renounced the privileges they had received during Soviet power.

Lebed denied that his political organization is a nationalist movement. In his view, it is merely an association of the cultured people of Russia, and cuts across ethnic lines.

Finally, the general refused to respond to the accusations of betrayal reportedly leveled by his former comrade Colonel Viktor Alksnis. Lebed says he believes that the letter in which Alksnis purportedly made these accusations was forged.

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