Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 64

The two sidesexchanged lists of prisoners July 31. The Russian side said thatit had 1,325 Chechens in captivity and that it believed the Chechensnow held approximately 300 Russian soldiers, Interfax reportedJuly 31. The prisoners are expected to be exchanged this week.A working group for observing the agreement is being set up, Russiantelevision reported July 31, although not all of its members havebeen named. And both sides are clearly counting up their losses,human and otherwise: Russian officials told Interfax July 31 that1,867 Russian army and interior ministry troops had been killed,6,481 wounded, and 252 are missing. Chechen groups have lost approximately10,000 fighters since December 1994, the Russian side said. Overnightsporadic violence continued throughout Chechnya. Despite the exchangeof information on prisoners, there was no word on the fate ofFred Cuny, the American aid specialist who has been missing inthe region since April 9.

US, Russia Split on Croatia.