Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 133

At KRO’s congress and in other recent statements, KRO’s deputy chairman, Lt. General (ret.) Aleksandr Lebed said that democracy in Russia can be reached by "tough authoritarian methods", such as "strict vertical control by the government, especially over the privatization process." Conceding that privatization was "an irreversible process" and that first deputy prime minister Anatoly Chubais must be given a chance to complete it, Lebed argued that privatization needs to be "corrected" so that it is carried out "not in the interest of 5-7 percent, but of the majority of the population". Lebed also decried the growth of the security services at the expense of the army, and the failure of those services to combat organized crime as they are being transformed into "watchdogs of the regime." (11)

Government Television Plays Decisive Role In Campaign.