Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 75

The governingAgrarian Democratic Party’s draft program, published in the pressAugust 12 preparatory to the party’s upcoming congress, defines"the people of Moldova as a polyethnic entity with its ownpsycho-moral characteristics," and calls for "promotingits socialization on the basis of democratic, humanistic, andethical-religious values." Within that overarching concept,the program distinguishes between ethnic Moldovans whose nationalawareness is described as differing from the Romanian; and theethnic minorities, "whose ethnocultural profile we want tosee preserved." The program strongly supports naming thenative language and people Moldovan, instead of Romanian. Itspublication is a gauntlet thrown to President Mircea Snegur, whorecently broke with the party and embarked on a rapprochementwith pro-Romanian groups.

Russian Command in Moldova to End Detonation of Surplus Ammunition.