Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 14

A Russian Duma resolution calling on Kiev to allow”the free expression of the popular will” of Crimea brought cheers inSevastopol May 17, Moscow radio reported. Ethnic Russians in Crimea said theyfeared an outbreak of violence between Crimea and the Ukrainian government,Nezavisimaya gazeta reported May 17. One local deputy put the probability ofsuch an outbreak at 70%. But the situation may calm down despite Moscow’srecent statements–including the May 11 comment by Russian Black Sea Fleetcommander Admiral Eduard Baltin that Russia must retain bases there. Onereason for hope is that Kiev has redrawn the borders of the Crimean electoraldistrict. If Sevastopol itself is excluded, supporters of secession wouldlose 11 seats in the local parliament, and those who want to cooperate withKiev would have a one-seat majority in that body, Nezavisimaya gazeta said.

Building Blocs.