Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 156

Results of voting for the other half of the Duma seats–those fought by individual candidates elected by simple majority in single-seat constituencies–are still being counted and reliable figures are not expected to be announced until late today. (2) However in the very sketchy preliminary counts released so far, the following well-know figures seem to be prevailing: Duma speaker Ivan Rybkin defeating "infamous" KGB general Aleksandr Sterligov in Voronezh oblast; Foreign Minister Kozyrev winning in Murmansk; Gennady Burbulis in Sverdlovsk; former USSR Supreme Soviet chairman Anatoly Lukyanov in Smolensk; former Soviet prime minister Nikolai Ryzhkov in Belgorod; St. Peterburg oblast Rus Communist party leader Yuri Belov; and the controversial St. Petersburg journalist Aleksandr Nevzorov appears to have won a mandate from Pskov oblast. (3)

Voter Turnout High.