Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 83

Completing a visit to Chisinau, Romanian foreign minister Teodor Melescanu said in an interview published in a Moldovan pro-Romanian newspaper that the two sides remain at odds on "very many points" concerning the proposed interstate treaty. Chisinau disagrees with Bucharest’s insistence on a "treaty of fraternity and integration" which would codify "special relations" among "two Romanian states," including foreign policy coordination. Bucharest also wants a treaty clause on overcoming the consequences of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, under which Romanian lost territories which include most of Moldova. Melescanu said that "we have not succeeded thus far but will keep trying, as we are perseverant by nature." (Tara [Chisinau] cited by Flux, April 27)

Chisinau seeks a treaty which would codify Moldovan independent statehood, implicitly rule out unification with Romania, and adhere to generally recognized standards of international law, as opposed to having a special type of treaty. Negotiations have not advanced since 1991 and have in fact been relegated from the policy level to the staff level in the last two years.

Tajik Province Still Restive.