Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 109

Boris Yeltsin has signed a decree restructuring the system of state-run radio and television. Under the decree, the Ostankino TV and radio company is to be liquidated and all its assets transferred to Russian Public Television (ORT). The decree gives Russian Radio and TV, St. Petersburg TV, Channel 5, and the radios Mayak, Yunost, and Russia’s Radio (Radio 1) the status of "federal mass media institutions." The decree stipulates that such status can only be conferred on electronic media organizations which reach more than 50 percent of the national audience, and in which the state is a shareholder to the tune of at least 51 percent. Yeltsin said that Ostankino journalists and technical employees who are left jobless will either be transferred to other electronic media organizations or compensated. (8)

Health Ministry Official Arrested for Corruption in Chechnya.