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Baltics to Build Stronger Logistics Within the EU and NATO

Earlier this month (October 2016), the governments of the Baltic States and Poland finally reached all the necessary political, financial and technical agreements to implement one of the most ambitious projects inside the European Union—linking Finland, the Baltic States and Poland with the unified Trans-European... MORE
Presidents Ilham Aliyev (L), Vladimir Putin (C) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) at the World Energy Congress, Istanbul (Source:

Azerbaijan Strengthens Its Energy Position in Turkey

Top decision makers, opinion leaders and CEOs of the world’s largest energy companies, including BP, Gazprom, Shell and Total, convened in Istanbul, on October 9–13, for the 23rd World Energy Congress. High-level officials, including 56 ministers from various countries around the globe, also attended the... MORE

Italian Delays in TAP’s Construction Weaken the EU and Russia Alike

Political infighting and bureaucratic red tape in Italy are jeopardizing the realization of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the westernmost segment of a wider energy corridor to bring Azerbaijani natural gas to Southeastern Europe. In turn, these problems are frustrating Rome’s efforts to establish a Mediterranean... MORE
Anti-war protester in St. Petersburg holds up a sign that says: "Did You Know That Putin’s Pilots Are Bombing Peaceful Civilians in Aleppo Who Are Just Like You?" (Source: Facebook)

Anti-War Protests in Russia; Anti-Russian Protests in Belarus

The Moscow media—and all too often news outlets in the West—paint Russians as a nation 100 percent behind Vladimir Putin’s war in Syria, and Belarusians as a nation fully behind Russia. But in fact, Russian support for Putin’s aggression and Belarusian support for Russia is... MORE