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The Niger Delta Insurgency and its Threat to Energy Security

During the first half of 2006, Nigeria's energy industry was crippled by guerrilla attacks from militants demanding a larger share of the country's oil revenue. The guerrillas, primarily from Nigeria's Ijaw ethnic community, live in the country's Niger Delta region where the majority of its... MORE

Mujahid Dokubo-Asari: The Niger Delta’s Ijaw Leader

Among the restive Ijaw population in Nigeria's troubled, energy-rich delta region, one man stands alone as the most recognizable face of resistance: Mujahid Dokubo-Asari. Asari has been a central figure in the Ijaw cause, forming in late 2003 one of the delta's most notorious Ijaw... MORE

Niger’s Uranium Industry Threatened by Rebels

As the focus of U.S. justifications for its invasion of Iraq and the subsequent "yellowcake" political scandal, both the African country of Niger and its considerable uranium reserves have become well known since 2002. While claims that Niger was supplying uranium to an Iraqi nuclear... MORE

Mauritania’s Vulnerability to al-Qaeda Influence

The al-Qaeda order in the Maghreb region of North Africa appears to be re-energizing, as evident in the broader drumbeat of terrorist attacks that have diversified in regional reach. The recent arrests of three Mauritanians and three Moroccans in Mauritania raises serious concerns about al-Qaeda's... MORE

Foreign Fighters Face Obstacles Joining the Somali Jihad

After their defeat in December 2006, Somalia's Islamic Courts Union (ICU) vowed to launch an Iraqi style insurgency against the invading Ethiopian forces. Al-Qaeda leaders supported their intentions. Both Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri issued statements calling on Muslims to help their Islamic brethren... MORE

Nigeria’s Cults and their Role in the Niger Delta Insurgency

In Nigeria's delta region, various militant groups continue to attack multinational energy interests by blowing up infrastructure, siphoning oil and gas from pipelines and kidnapping expatriate energy staff. Additionally, these groups often attack Nigerian security services. The origin of the militant groups in the delta... MORE

Islamist Terrorism and Energy Sector Security in Algeria

Despite the fact that its oil production is leveling off and serious questions surround projected increases in gas production, exogenous developments and domestic efforts are serving to make Algeria an increasingly important oil and gas supplier to European and U.S. markets. Simultaneously, the risks posed... MORE

MEND’s Fluid Leadership Structure

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) is one of the most prominent non-state, armed groups in the oil- and gas-rich Niger Delta. MEND is known for its insurrectionist campaign, which includes deadly clashes with security forces protecting the region's oil facilities.... MORE

AQIM’s Threat to Morocco’s Tourism Sector

As with most North African countries, Morocco's tourism sector is vulnerable to fluctuations as a result of terrorism and political developments. Recent incidents such as the panicked detonation of a suicide bomber's vest in an internet cafe in April and the subsequent, albeit possibly unrelated,... MORE