Latest Articles about Central Asia

Uzbekistan Looks Toward Russia

The Uzbekistan population is receptive to the idea of returning Russia to Uzbekistan as an investor and strategic partner. A recent poll conducted in the Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent clearly indicated that people from diverse socio-economic groups and different ethnic backgrounds view the meeting between... MORE

Kazakhs Disillusioned With Post-soviet Development

After more than a decade of independence, the majority of Kazakhs feel deeply disillusioned with post-Soviet development of their country. Many are tormented with gnawing doubts whether Kazakhstan has really become independent of Moscow. The lingering nostalgia of older Russians for the socialist motherland clashes... MORE

Kazakhstan’s Air Defense Deal With Uk Signals Shift

In a clear signal of the growing importance that Kazakhstan attaches to military cooperation with the West, an historic agreement has been reached with Britain's BAE Systems to upgrade Kazakhstan's air defense systems. According to Russian media reports, Astana negotiated a tough deal, which stimulated... MORE

Sco Summit In Tashkent: Breakthrough In Practical Cooperation

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Tashkent, currently in progress, marks a potentially significant strategic shift in the development of security bodies with real capability to act and promote stability within Central Asia. The success of the summit, in large measure, will be a... MORE

Russia’s Anti-terrorist Agenda In Tajikistan

Russian border guards based in Tajikistan have carried out their first extensive training to cope with the aftermath of a possible chemical attack in the country launched by Al Qaeda. The exercise was designed to test the capability of Russian border guards to respond quickly... MORE

Kazakhstan Advances Proposals On Caspian Legal Status

Kazakhstan's Foreign Affairs Minister Kasymzhomart Tokaev presented a set of innovative proposals on June 9 in Astana regarding the legal status of the Caspian Sea. Addressing a session of the five riparian countries' working group, which is charged with drafting a legal convention, Tokaev called... MORE

Kyrgyzstan As Consumer Of Security Assistance

The Collective Rapid Deployment Forces (CRDF) held a command and staff exercise in Kyrgyzstan June 2-3, signaling the start of a summer of military exercises which will underscore the organization's attempts to strengthen its credibility and enhance its image within Central Asia (Kabar News Agency,... MORE

Russian Troops To Prolong Stay In Tajikistan

Meeting in Sochi on June 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tajik President Imomali Rahmonov announced a set of decisions that would, if implemented, consolidate Russia's military presence in Tajikistan. No final agreements were signed, but details eventually will be formalized based on these decisions.... MORE

Karimov Moves Closer To Russian Fold

On June 2, the Russian Duma unanimously backed an agreement, originally signed in October 2001, on joint air patrols and the exchange of information, paving the way for the future joint use of the air and air defense forces of Russia and Uzbekistan (Interfax, Moscow,... MORE

Turkmenbashi Reverses Stand On Portraits

On May 24-25 many portraits of President Saparmurat Niyazov suddenly disappeared from the streets of the capital of Turkmenistan. This was done on orders from Turkmenbashi. Hundreds of portraits of the president, which until recently were conspicuous on government buildings, businesses, clinics and schools, disappeared... MORE