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In Sudan, Russia Chooses Money Over Humanitarianism

On July 21, the MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation dispatched two new MiG-29 fighters to Sudan, partly fulfilling an original contract for 12 fighters signed in 2001. MiG Corporation's spokesmen say that, by the end of 2004, it will have produced another 36 aircraft for governments... MORE

Putin Urges Shift In Russia’s Cis Policies

On July 19 Russia's Security Council convened a special meeting in the Kremlin to discuss the growing geopolitical rivalry in the post-Soviet space and Moscow's position within the Commonwealth of Independent States. As Russia desperately seeks to preserve its leadership role in the "near abroad,"... MORE

Foreign Consortium Offers To Cover Yukos Debt

Observers have expressed skepticism that the Russian government will accept a London-based consortium's proposal to pay off Yukos' multi-billion-dollar tax bill and buy out a majority stake in the embattled oil company. The proposal by the consortium, which is led by former Bank Menatep vice... MORE

Yukos Could Go Belly Up By Mid-august

Yukos has warned that it could be forced to halt operations and exports and face bankruptcy within a month. The embattled oil company said in a statement that the court order freezing its bank accounts and assets means it will not have the $1.7 billion... MORE

Russo-japanese Relations Improving

Recent statements suggest that Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is optimistic about reaching a settlement with Russia over the four islands that Stalin seized from Japan at the end of 1945 (Asahi Shimbun, July 20). Japan has refused to sign a peace treaty with Russia... MORE

Baluyevsky: New Chief Of The Russian General Staff

President Putin's July 19 appointment of Colonel-General Yuri Baluyevsky as Chief of the General Staff, after sacking General Anatoly Kvashnin the previous day, has been met with widespread support in Moscow. Not only do many colleagues and military analysts alike consider Baluyevsky as a safe... MORE

Putin Fires Chief Of General Staff Kvashnin

On July 19, President Vladimir Putin fired Anatoly Kvashnin, Chief of the General Staff, as part of sweeping changes to the top brass in the Russian military. The announcement followed growing speculation in the Russian media and military press about Kvashnin's future. The conjecture was... MORE

Commentators Continue To Discuss The Klebnikov Murder

While there are apparently no leads thus far in the Russian authorities' investigation of the July 9 murder of Paul Klebnikov, editor of the Russian-language version of Forbes magazine, various Western media have made much of the comments by Valery Straletsky, head of Detektiv Press,... MORE