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Karzai Fires Herat Warlord Ismail Khan

On September 11, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai dismissed Ismail Khan, widely known as the "warlord" of Herat province in western Afghanistan. The move came one day before Karzai announced the programs and policies for his next term of office. Karzai's decision was believed to be... MORE

Two Blasts Claim Victims In Afghanistan

Just before 6 pm on Sunday, August 29, a powerful bomb blast shook the DynCorp office in central Kabul. Reports say as many as seven people, including some foreigners, were killed. This explosion was one of the biggest of its kind in recent months, and... MORE

Disarming Afghanistan’s Warlords: Programs, Problems, Possibilities

In mid-July, Afghanistan's interim president, Hamid Karzai, issued two statements that reflected an unprecedented toughness toward drug traffickers and warlords in the country. Karzai summoned most of Afghanistan's reputed warlords to Kabul to inform them that their resistance to disarmament was trying his patience. According... MORE

Afghanistan’s Drug Problem Requires An International Solution

A British parliamentary panel issued a report in late July calling attention to Afghanistan's political fragility. The report warns that "Afghanistan could implode with terrible consequences," unless security is improved and resources provided. The report concludes that there is "little if any, sign of the... MORE

Karzai Names His Running Mates, With A Surprising Omission

Monday July 26 was the deadline for candidates to register for Afghanistan's upcoming presidential elections. The cut-off date brought several surprises for the Afghan electorate and for the international community observing the process. In an unexpected move, President Hamid Karzai called a press conference late... MORE

Presidential Candidates Question Afghan Election Law

On July 22, General Abdur Rashid Dostum, the strongman of northern Afghanistan, announced his intention to run for the presidency. He called his decision the will of the representatives of his people. His entry in the field brings the total number of candidates to near... MORE

Nato In Afghanistan: Nation-builder And Election Monitor?

Afghanistan's deteriorating security situation has led to further postponement of the presidential and parliamentary elections. Initially scheduled for June 2004 (when President Hamid Karzai's term of office expired), both sets of elections were postponed to September, as officially announced during the June NATO summit in... MORE

Afghanistan Postpones Elections For All The Wrong Reasons

The official announcement on July 9 to postpone the Afghan presidential elections from September to October and the parliamentary elections from September to April or May of 2005 comes as no surprise. Analysts following events on the ground in Afghanistan knew many weeks ago that... MORE

Trade Between Afghanistan And Iran Reaches Record Levels

Historical, cultural, and linguistic links between Afghanistan and Iran have always encouraged close ties between the two countries. Frequent and close contacts continued between the two states until the Taliban came to power, ruling from 1996 to 2001. When the Taliban regime was deposed by... MORE