Current Publications

China Brief

China Brief is a primary source of timely information and cutting-edge analysis for policy-makers, intelligence and military personnel, academics, journalists, and business leaders. The publication is edited by John Dotson. In addition to its audience in the United States, China Brief is widely-read in East Asia, where articles are regularly translated and reprinted in leading newspapers, journals, and websites.

Eurasia Daily Monitor

The Eurasia Daily Monitor (EDM) was launched on May 3, 2004 and has since become a unique analytical resource on the emerging security realities in the former Soviet space.

Terrorism Monitor

In its twenty year history, Jamestown has earned a reputation for providing hard-hitting analysis of security trends in Eurasia, extending from Russia, the former Soviet Union and into China. Since 9/11 the Jamestown Foundation has expanded its regional coverage of Eurasia to include the War on Terror, focusing on international terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda.

Militant Leadership Monitor

Militant Leadership Monitor (MLM) provides monthly in-depth profiles of the most important as well as under-analyzed leaders of the global extremist and militant movements around the world. The unique biographies and insightful analyses found in MLM articles provide critical information for assessing the strategic importance and relative threat levels posed by some of the world’s most violent non-state actors.

MLM subscribers include members of North American and European militaries, policy institutes, academia, homeland security agencies, multinational corporations and international development organizations. This broad spectrum of individuals and organizations recognize the value of substantive reports on the world’s leading militants and the movements they lead.

Hot Issues

Jamestown offers this special supplement to our Terrorism Monitor in order to address the need for immediate and in-depth analysis of breaking news in global terrorism.

Special Projects

Russia in Decline

Russia in Decline is an attempt to envision what the pathways animating Russia’s decline could look like; identify the forces, attitudes, and ideas driving them; and describe the possible contingencies that could emerge along the pathways to a range of possible alternative destinations. It seeks to reveal how potential downside scenarios might unfold, the dynamics that could power them, the critical uncertainties whose resolution might push scenarios in different directions, and the possible wildcards that might radically, rapidly, and unpredictably alter the shape and movement of the competitive landscape, as well as the motivations and strategies of different actors.

Russia in the Middle East

The project will convene three workshops of published experts to explore the full range of Russian objectives in the Middle East and the strategies involved in realizing them throughout region from various perspectives. Moreover, this project will explore Russia’s future political, economic and energy plans in the Middle East out to 2025, in addition to the implications for the United States.

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