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Belarusian Dissident Turned Commander Dies in Ukraine War

Throughout late June and into July, Belarusian Telegram channels had been reporting on pro-Ukrainian Belarusian fighters’ battles in Lysychansk (Telegram/Belwarriors, July 5). Ultimately, the town fell to Russian forces on July 4 (, July 4). For Belarusian fighters, however, the battle had extra significance because... MORE

Islamic State Inspires Lone Wolf Attackers in Israel

On March 27, 2022, two gunmen opened fire at a bus stop in Hadera, Israel, killing two police officers and wounding several other people. Footage of the attack showed the men firing machine guns, and evidence from the crime scene showed they were armed with... MORE

Malaysia’s New Most Wanted Terrorist: Mundi Sawadjaan

On January 27, Malaysia’s Sabah East Coast Security Command (Esscom) updated its list of the country’s five most wanted terrorists. Three of them, including Ahadin Hussein, Ellam Sajirin, and Ismurah Jirah, have been responsible for kidnappings off the waters between Sabah in Malysian Borneo and... MORE