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Now Available – Military Reform and Militarism in Russia

By Aleksandr Golts Translated By Maia Kipp   With tensions between Russia and the West at an all-time high, Moscow appears to be preparing for large-scale war. Now more than ever, there is an increased need to understand the past and future directions of Russian... MORE

Now Available for Purchase – Russia’s Military Strategy and Doctrine

Glen E. Howard and Matthew Czekaj, Editors With Foreword by Former NATO SACEUR General Philip M. Breedlove   Russia’s Military Strategy and Doctrine is designed to educate Russia watchers, policymakers, military leaders, and the broader foreign policy community about the Russian Armed Forces and security apparatus across the... MORE

Now Available — Eurasian Disunion: Russia’s Vulnerable Flanks

Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the dismemberment of its territory is not an isolated operation. It constitutes one component of a broader strategic agenda to rebuild a Moscow-centered bloc designed to compete with the West. The acceleration of President Vladimir Putin’s neo-imperial project has challenged... MORE

The South Caucasus 2021: Oil, Democracy and Geopolitics

A retrospective of the 20 years of independence experienced by the countries of the South Caucasus clearly demonstrates the difficulties involved in building a state and restoring an economy after more than 70 years of Soviet rule. Each one of the three post-Soviet republics of... MORE

Kindle Books

You've asked and we've delivered. Books and Reports which have been published by The Jamestown Foundation will now be available for a substantial discount on Kindle. Books can be purchased for $9.95 and Occasional Reports can be purchased for $3.95-$7.95 in the United States.  International... MORE

Volatile Borderland: Russia and the North Caucasus

In Volatile Borderland: Russia and the North Caucasus, The Jamestown Foundation presents a collection of essays by leading experts on the North Caucasus that allows for an in-depth look at the key developments, movements and personalities that have shaped the region since the start of... MORE

The Battle for Yemen: Al-Qaeda and the Struggle for Stability

The Battle for Yemen is a rare and comprehensive volume that tackles the facets of instability that currently plague Yemen. It offers a wealth of analysis and keen observations from the experts of The Jamestown Foundation, who have monitored the developments within Yemen since 2004.... MORE