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Volatile Landscape: Iraq and its Insurgent Movements

Violence in Iraq has declined since its civil war of 2005-2007 due to the implementation of the U.S. counterinsurgency strategy, Shi'a militia ceasefires, and the emergence of Iraq's Awakening Movement. But as the U.S. military draws down its forces, Iraq remains a fragile, un-reconciled state,... MORE

Pakistan’s Troubled Frontier

First demarcated in 1893 by British diplomat Sir Mortimer Durand, the northwest frontier was created when the “Durand Line” imposed an artificial border between the tribal Pashtun communities of modern Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, the frontier has become a breeding ground for a growing Islamic... MORE

China in Africa

China in Africa examines the complexity of China's engagement with the African continent. The book covers critical issues such as Chinese soft and hard power, energy and arms relations, and China's bilateral relations with African countries. Ultimately, this volume serves to assist in improving policymakers'... MORE