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Saakashvili’s Party in Georgia Splits in Two

In a January 12 press briefing held at the United National Movement’s (UNM) central offices, the majority of the party’s leaders and most of its popularly recognizable members collectively declared their decision to leave UNM. The defectors from Georgia’s largest opposition party said they lost... MORE

The Amir of Tatarstan’s Right-Hand Man: A Look at Marat Sabirov

On October 20, 2016, the Volga District Military court began the trial of nine members of Chistopol Jamaat (Чистопольский джамаат), an Islamist extremist organization charged with carrying out a string of terrorist attacks that took place in Tatarstan, Russia in 2013. Among those on trial... MORE

Pakistan-Armenia Friction Has Intensified

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Karabakh province, which has simmered since the collapse of the Soviet Union, seems to have drawn Pakistan and India into the most violent and enduring rivalry in the South Caucasus. As Yerevan and Baku both endeavor to... MORE

The Chechens Fighting for the Islamic State in Mosul

Analysts who have followed developments in Syria and Iraq have increasingly paid attention to the presence of Chechen fighters in the area since 2013. An influx of large numbers of Chechen militants to Syria created conditions for the appearance of ethnicity-based Chechen armed groups.  ... MORE

US–Georgia Defense and Security Cooperation Moves to a New Stage

On December 6, Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Carpenter signed a framework agreement on security cooperation for 2016–2019 that will promote further development of the Georgian defense system. After signing the agreement, Georgia’s Ministry of Defense stated... MORE