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Georgia Bids Farewell to Soviet Arms

Georgia’s Defense Minister Juansher Burtchuladze reported to parliament on May 13 that his country would start producing American M4 assault rifles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in 2022. According to his statement, negotiations are underway with South African, Polish and Israeli companies on joint production... MORE

Russia’s Approach to Nuclear Power in Outer Space

Russia has been conducting research and development (R&D) on using nuclear power in outer space for years. On May 22, Alexander Bloshenko, executive director for advanced programs and science of Roscosmos, announced that the first mission of the nuclear-powered spacecraft, also known as the transport... MORE

Russian Military Considers New Electronic Warfare Aircraft

Moscow has made considerable advances in recent years in procuring and developing electronic warfare (EW) capability throughout its branches and service arms in the Armed Forces. One area long neglected is the potential role of EW aircraft, which now appears to be a priority area... MORE

Belarus: What Did Roman Protasevich’s Interview Reveal?

On June 3, Belarusian TV showed an interview with Roman Protasevich, captured by Belarusian intelligence services after the forceful landing of the RyanAir aircraft en route from Athens to Vilnius (YouTube, June 3; EDM, May 24). This 96-minute-long interview was extracted from four-and-a-half-hour of footage.... MORE

Crimea’s Nuclear Potential: A Return to Soviet Practices

On April 12, amid escalating tensions along the Ukrainian border, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran expressed concern that “Crimea’s infrastructure is being prepared for potentially storing nuclear weapons” (Radio Svoboda, April 14). Even though Taran did not supply evidence for this claim, it is plausible... MORE