The Jamestown Foundation’s Special Project, “The Growing Importance of Belarus on NATO’s Eastern Flank,” examines the evolving nature of Minsk’s increasing engagement with the West, analyzes the Belarusian-Russian bilateral relationship, as well as evaluates the level of Belarusian national identity and state sovereignty and their implications for the transatlantic alliance. This project will result in the publication of a series of papers and then a final report resulting from two workshops on Belarus that will be held in Washington, DC, with the participation of regional experts from Europe, the United States and Belarus.

Latest Articles

Four Scenarios for Belarus in 2025–2030

Executive Summary At least three trends will define the future of Belarus until 2025. The role of the state in the economy will continue to decrease. Belarusian foreign policy will continue to become more sovereign. And, unless he drops his widely announced plans, President Alyaksandr... MORE

Split Identity and a Tug-of-War for Belarus’s Memory

Executive Summary World War II continues to be at the center of Belarusians’ collective memory. However, Belarus is a country with two historical narratives that have been at odds with each other since the inception of the Belarusian national movement. While the neo-Soviet/Russo-centric narrative has... MORE