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Russia’s Nagging Arms Production Problems

While the issues with arms manufacturing in Russia have been covered in a number of analyses, production remains a serious challenge for the Russian defense industry as the Kremlin continues to search for answers to solve the problem of restoring its military power for its... MORE

The Russian Armed Forces on Steroids

Since January 1, the ceiling of military personnel in the Russian Armed Forces has been increased from 1,013,628 to 1,150,628 service members (, August 25, 2022), which exceeds the ceiling for 2006–2016 of 1,134,800 people (, November 28, 2005). This is the nominal number as... MORE

The Skyrocketing Costs for Russia’s War Effort

The final deficit of the Russian federal budget for 2022 appeared to be 3.35 trillion rubles, almost $48.8 billion according to the average exchange rate during the year. Although, the ruble became a partially convertible currency after the beginning of Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine, and... MORE

Kremlin Worried About Ukrainian ‘Wedges’ Inside Russia

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev’s recent tirade against the West, as well as his insistence that Western governments are the tools of major capitalist groups and that the West wants to reduce Russia to the size of 15th-century Muscovy has attracted enormous attention as... MORE

An Anatomy of the Chinese Private Security Contracting Industry

Executive Summary The re-emergence of the Chinese “security for hire” industry—which is deeply rooted in Chinese history and trade practices—is largely a result of the beginning of market reforms in the 1980s and China’s growing integration into global trade. Since 2013, after the inauguration of... MORE