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China Brief

Volume 1 (2001) is available as a single, searchable PDF here:

Eurasia Daily Monitor

Terrorism Monitor

Militant Leadership Monitor

Inactive Publications

North Caucasus Weekly

North Caucasus Weekly is the foundation’s special coverage of the crisis in the breakaway republic. Its mission is to inform policymakers, the media, and the public of developments in Chechnya, discuss the origins of the conflict and explore the possibilities for peace. Beginning January 2003 with Volume IV, North Caucasus Weekly is researched and written by Lawrence A. Uzzell, a senior Jamestown Foundation fellow who opened Jamestown’s Moscow office in 1992. A specialist in the former Soviet Union since 1989, a Yale graduate and widely published in the American, British and Russian media, Uzzell is President of International Religious Freedom Watch (formerly Keston USA). Volumes I through III of North Caucasus Weekly, which span 2000-2002, were researched and written by John Dunlop of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Dunlop has been a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University since 1983 and served as member of the Committee of Visitors of the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University.

Terrorism Focus

Terrorism Focus was a weekly publication devoted to covering recent events and emerging trends in terrorism, especially as they relate to al-Qaeda and the War on Terrorism. Through timely analysis of developments in the Greater Middle East and Eurasia, as well as translations and analysis of Islamist web forums and online publications, Terrorism Focus informs policymakers, business leaders, journalists, government and private-sector researchers, and interested members of the public. Edited by Stephen Ulph, one of the preeminent analysts of the Islamic world, the publication relies exclusively on source material from its areas of coverage, material which is often unavailable in the mainstream American media. Since its inception in August 2004, Terrorism Focus has become widely read and has earned praise from leading terrorism experts, instructors who use the publication in their courses, and members of the military and intelligence community.


Fortnight In Review

The Fortnight in Review was prepared by senior analysts Jonas Bernstein (Russia), Stephen Foye (Security and Foreign Policy), and Vladimir Socor (Non-Russian republics). Editor, Stephen Foye…



The Monitor was researched and written under the direction of senior analysts Jonas Bernstein, Vladimir Socor, Stephen Foye, and analysts Ilya Malyakin, Oleg Varfolomeyev and Ilias Bogatyrev…


North Korea Review

A special supplement to China Brief from 2004.

Also available as a complete PDF here



Prism was edited by Jonas Bernstein and Helen Glenn Court. Those stories written in Russian were translated by Paul Tann, ASLA Translation Services, London UK…


Russia and Eurasia Review

Russia and Eurasia Review — was a journal written by professionals for practitioners, by specialists for generalists — featured three or four signed articles on trends and events in the Russian Federation, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and the European countries of the former Soviet Union.