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Russia’s New (Old) Heavy Army

After decades of reforms and transformations, and all the hype about hybrid warfare, it seems the Russian military is increasingly falling back on the good old tank-heavy model of the Soviet military created during the Cold War. The overall pattern of operations in Syria and... MORE

Romania Prepares to Modernize Its Helicopter Fleet

As part of the drive to bolster its defense capabilities, Romania is laying ambitious plans to replace and modernize its helicopter fleet. This process will have a significant impact in both military and economic terms. During the Cold War, Romania was unique among the Warsaw... MORE

Belarus: The Art of Keeping a Distance

“The world is one step from a global confrontation with unpredictable consequences,” declared President Alyaksandr Lukashenka at the meeting of Belarus’s Security Council. “Whereas Russia will bear the brunt of defending our common space, there is no understanding on the part of Russia’s leadership that... MORE