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Azerbaijan and Georgia Initiate New ‘Great Game’ With Europe

On October 24, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev arrived in Georgia for a one-day working visit. The abrupt nature of Aliyev’s visit was characterized as “strange” and “mysterious” by many experts in Tbilisi (;, October 24). Indeed, the brevity of the visit and its format... MORE

Russia in Search of New Gas Markets

Since the start of the Russian all-out assault on Ukraine on February 24, Gazprom’s natural gas supplies to Europe have been cut by approximately 80 percent (, November 22). Such a drastic reduction is primarily due to Moscow’s own decisions aimed at stoking political and... MORE

Russia Finds a New Way to Survive Defeat

After the humiliating surrender of Kherson, Russian troops have produced no lasting military victories on the battlefield. Even the devastating missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure are not producing the desired effects. Meanwhile, contrary to some experts’ expectations, Russian losses have neither led to a... MORE

Never Say Forever: How Russia’s Borders Became Imaginary

Video footage of how enthusiastically the inhabitants of Kherson, with tears of joy, greeted their liberators from the Ukrainian Armed Forces has spread globally (YouTube, November 13). Against this backdrop, the official published data on the results of the “referendum” held by the occupation administration... MORE

Russian Influence Fades in the Middle East

The 2022 World Cup has been dominating global news, and no one is missing the Russian team among the 32 participating nations, unlike, for instance, Italy or Egypt. Neither has Moscow said anything regarding the controversies surrounding this paramount sporting event in Qatar (Novayagazeta,eu, November... MORE