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Putin’s Nuclear Blackmail Hits US Resolve and Chinese Wall

The missile that landed in Eastern Polish farmland on November 15, killing two people and injuring three, caused a sharp international crisis, which was treated by Warsaw with due care and the utmost responsibility. Had the stray projectile been a Russian sea-launched Kalibr or an... MORE

Russia’s Defense Industry Growing Increasingly Turbulent

Moscow has actively tried to restore at least part of its arms lost in Ukraine after almost nine months of its bloody war. Publicly, the Kremlin declares that nothing crucially serious is plaguing this re-production and that the domestic defense factories will have no problem... MORE

Minsk Triggers Joint Deployment of Troops With Russia

On October 31, Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka approved the draft agreement with Russia on the establishment and functioning of combat centers for the joint training of Belarusian and Russian servicemen (Belta, October 31). As such, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense has now been tasked with... MORE

Will General Surovikin Fix Russia’s C2 Problems?

Following Russian General Sergey Surovikin’s interview on October 19, the Kremlin’s information warfare machine aimed to put a positive spin on the general’s words of “tough decisions” to come for Russian forces in Ukraine (YouTube, October 25). Surovikin’s interview immediately resulted in widespread reactions from... MORE

Western Belarus Policies: The Geostrategic and Moral Dimensions

In recent weeks, Belarusian civilians have been called up for military training in increasing numbers, with mobilization instructions attached to their military identification. Is this a prelude to entering the war against Ukraine, show for the Russians or preparation for contingencies? According to Artyom Shraibman,... MORE

Romania and Azerbaijan Mull New LNG Project on the Black Sea

On October 19, Romania’s Romgaz and Azerbaijan’s Socar inked a memorandum of understanding expressing an intention to “explore the opportunity of jointly developing a liquefied natural gas project [LNG] in the Black Sea” (, October 19). Both parties committed to preparing a comprehensive feasibility study;... MORE