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Armed fighters in Yemen (Source:

AQAP in Southern Yemen: Learning, Adapting and Growing

During the nearly two years of the Yemeni civil war, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has gone from an organization that was under pressure and struggling financially, to an organization that is larger, more formidable and better armed than it has ever been. The... MORE
Activists holding banner of Nahed Hattar (Source: al-Jazeera)


JORDAN: SATIRIST’S KILLING HIGHLIGHTS RADICALIZATION FEARS Protesters in Jordan demanded the resignation of both Prime Minister Hani al-Malki and Interior Minister Salama Hammad in September, following the murder of Nahed Hattar, a satirical writer who was shot dead on the steps of a court building... MORE
Hmeymim airbase, Syria (Source: EPA)

Russia Building New Bases to Counter United States

Last week (October 7), the Russian Duma unanimously ratified an agreement signed in August 2015 with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to indefinitely lease for free the Khmeimim airbase, near the port city Latakia, on the Syrian Mediterranean coast. Russian jets have been... MORE
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A Profile of Gulmurod Halimov: Islamic State’s New Minister of War

According to Iraqi media outlets citing unnamed security officials, in early September Islamic State (IS) appointed the former commander of Tajikistan’s paramilitary police (OMON), Gulmurod Halimov, to the position of IS’ military leader (а [Baghdad], September 3). Halimov is alleged to have replaced former “Minister... MORE

Chechnya Hosts International Islamic Conference

It has become common practice for the authorities to hold large international Islamic conferences in Chechnya. The latest such conference took place on August 25–27, 2016, in Grozny. Over 100 religious leaders from 30 countries took part in the gathering, including Jordan, Qatar, Morocco, Egypt,... MORE