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Militant Leadership Monitor – January 2017

The January issue of Militant leadership Monitor has a brief on a Syrian opposition commander embattled on two fronts, as well as profiles of recently- deceased Hassm leader  Mohamed Ashour Dashishaand, Baathist officer turned Islamic State commander Mazen al- Nahiri, Indonesian Islamic State commander Bahrun Naim, and the Saudi militant pushing... MORE
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China’s Evolving Military Strategy

Now back in stock For over two decades, the People's Republic of China has been engaged in a grand project to transform its military into a modernized fighting force capable of defeating the world's most powerful militaries through asymmetric means. However, despite the considerable attention... MORE
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Militant Leadership Monitor – December 2016

The November 2016 issue of Militant leadership Monitor has briefs on two commanders vying for survival in Damascus governorate, as well as profiles of rural Sindh LeJ faction leader Hafeez Pandrani, the Amir of Tatarstan's Deputy Marat Sabirov, Ansar al-Islam Bangladesh's Syed Mohammad Ziaul Haque,  and Salafist... MORE
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2016 Tenth Annual Terrorism Conference DVD

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, The Jamestown Foundation held its Tenth Annual Terrorism Conference. The event featured a prestigious lineup of some of the world’s leading experts on Islamic State, al-Qaeda and its heirs. Panelists at Jamestown’s tenth annual conference provided analysis about the array of threats facing our... MORE
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Militant Leadership Monitor – November 2016

The November 2016 issue of Militant leadership Monitor has briefs on two commanders resisting al-Assad’s advance in Aleppo, as well as Italian rapper turned IS foreign fighter Anas el-Abboubi, LeJ faction leader Asif Choto, up-and-coming al-Qaeda commander in North Africa Hisham Ashamwy, and Mali Tuareg General... MORE
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Militant Leadership Monitor – October 2016

The October 2016 issue of Militant leadership Monitor has briefs on two Iraqi parliamentarians commanding Hashd Shaab forces in the battle for Mosul, as well as profiles of up-and-coming al-Shabaab militant Ramadhan Kioko, Islamic State chief of education Dr. Iman Mustafa Al-Bugha, Islamic State’s head... MORE
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Militant Leadership Monitor – September 2016

The September 2016 issue of Militant leadership Monitor has briefs on two key Sunni Arab commanders in the coming fight for Mosul, as well as profiles of East Africa’s emerging IS leader Shaykh Abdulqadir Mumin, JeM leader Qari Abdul Rauf Asghar, Islamic State’s new minister... MORE
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Friends of Jamestown Program

The Jamestown Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Friends of Jamestown Program. Through this annual membership you are able to receive four occasional reports and four books for free as well as a 50% discount off the registration fees for major Jamestown... MORE
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