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How to Defend the Baltic States

Since at least 2014, the United States’ National Security Strategy and almost every major US think tank has called attention to the parlous state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) eastern flank. There, some of NATO’s newest and smallest member states are threatened by... MORE
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The Growing Importance of Belarus on NATO’s Baltic Flank

No country better stands to transform the strategic military balance in the Baltic Sea Region than Belarus. Wedged between Russia and America’s NATO allies in northeastern Europe, Belarus until recently has not been considered in discussions about the North Atlantic Alliance’s Baltic flank. A variety... MORE
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Baltic Interoperability Report

The “Baltic Interoperability Report” is the first publication of the Baltic Security Strategy Project (BSSP), the largest independent security study in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. For these three countries, which are challenged by variations in regional stability and security over the years, enhanced military interoperability... MORE
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Building a Strong Informatized Strategic Missile Force

Building a Strong Informatized Strategic Missile Force: An Overview of the Second Artillery Force with a Focus on Training in 2014 By Kenneth W. Allen and Jana Allen Available for Free Download at the Bottom of the Page This report analyzes the training and personnel recruitment of the... MORE
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China and Afghanistan After the NATO Withdrawal

By Richard Weitz Available for Free Download at the Bottom of the Page Chinese policymakers have conflicting sentiments regarding the planned military withdrawal of the United States and its allies from Afghanistan. PRC officials have expressed their commitment to collaborate with the international community to promote political... MORE
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Al-Qaeda and Its Heirs

On December 9, 2014, the Jamestown Foundation organized the Eighth Annual Terrorism Conference. This report contains eight papers from presenters at the conference. Michael W. S. Ryan leads with “The Islamic State: What Victory Means.” Nicholas A. Heras then discusses “Swimming in a Turbulent Sea? Non-State Threats... MORE
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