A Special Project headed by Russian military expert and Jamestown Senior Fellow Dr. Roger N. McDermott. Forthcoming papers within the scope of this project will examine in granular detail for a military policy–orientated readership the Russian Armed Forces’ fire-strike complex; C4ISR; high-precision strike systems; use of C4ISR capabilities in Syria; electronic, cyber and information warfare; and AI and robotics. Upon its conclusion, the project papers will be compiled and released as a single volume, published by Jamestown.

Latest Articles

Electronic Warfare in Contemporary Russian Military Thought

Executive Summary As Russian electronic warfare (EW) officers assert, depending on the nature of the specific operations and armed conflict, the main aims of EW are: “to degrade an adversary’s C2 [command and control] of forces and weapons; reduce the effectiveness of an adversary's intelligence... MORE

Russia’s UAVs and UCAVs: ISR and Future Strike Capabilities

Executive Summary Russia’s use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in contemporary conflicts has yielded the General Staff substantial practical data to assess future requirements and priorities when it comes to procuring additional drones; this also extends to programs aimed at producing Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles... MORE

The Role of Hypersonic Weapons in Russian Military Strategy

Executive Summary Today, Moscow is modernizing and increasing its high-precision strike systems, partly reflecting the drive to implement the pre-nuclear deterrence element contained in its 2014 Military Doctrine. The context provides an explanation as to why the Russian political leadership places such emphasis upon hypersonic... MORE

The Revolution in Russian Military Decision-Making

Executive Summary Russia’s Armed Forces have experienced considerable change and modernization since the reforms initiated in late 2008. While these processes have impacted structures, personnel, equipment and weapons systems across the entire range of combat arms and branches, as well as combat support and combat... MORE

Tracing Russia’s Path to Network-Centric Military Capability

Executive Summary Since 2008, Russia has consistently sought to adopt and introduce command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities to the Armed Forces as part of its conventional military modernization plans. At their core, those efforts are rooted in developing a Russian... MORE