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Watch the Video: Willy Wo-Lap Lam in Conversation with Peter Martin

  About the Event In recent weeks, news has continued to emerge of corruption at the highest levels of the People's Liberation Army. Senior military cadres in the equipment procurement departments and the Rocket Force have been investigated, several of whom have been purged. These... MORE

Upcoming Webinar: Guardians of the Belt and Road

China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is widely recognized as an economic power play that challenges US influence geopolitically, particularly in vital and resource-rich regions around the world. Little attention, however, has been devoted to the importance of how China plans to secure and... MORE

Watch the Video: Putin’s Predicament and Ukraine’s Coming Counteroffensive

The Jamestown Foundation was proud to host the event "Putin's Predicament in Ukraine and the Coming Counteroffensive" on Tuesday, May 2. The event featured Russian military experts and regular Jamestown commentators Pavel K. Baev and Pavel Luzin and was moderated by Jamestown President Glen E. Howard. As critical Western weapon systems, long-range munitions,... MORE

Watch the Video: China, Russia and Central Asia

The Jamestown Foundation held a webinar on “China, Russia and Central Asia” on Thursday, March 30. At his National People’s Congress press conference on March 7, Foreign Minister Qin Gang stated that China would host an inaugural China-Central Asia Summit later this year. The... MORE

Watch the Video: Prigozhin, the Kremlin, and the Battle for Bakhmut

About the Event For the past seven months, Russia has been waging the Battle for Bakhmut, a city that has relatively little strategic importance but has involved the losses of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers. With eastern Bakhmut under Kremlin control, and Ukraine in... MORE

Watch The Video: Between Brussels And Beijing At The US Capitol

On March 7, the House Baltic Caucus hosted an event on China's influence in the Baltic Sea region, organized by The Jamestown Foundation, the Baltic Security Foundation, and the Joint Baltic American National Committee. Representative Don Bacon (R-NE), co-chair of the House Baltic Caucus, keynoted the... MORE

Watch the Video: Preparing for the Dissolution of the Russian Federation

The Jamestown Foundation cohosted an event with Hudson Institute on “Preparing for the Dissolution of the Russian Federation” on Tuesday, February 14. While it is unknown when Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine will end, a Russian defeat would likely lead to the dissolution of the... MORE