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Eastern Approaches: Total Defense – A View From Finland

In the third episode of Eastern Approaches, Jamestown President Glen Howard interviews Jyri Raitasalo, a docent at the Finnish National Defence University, to discuss Finland's military concept of "total defense" against possible foreign aggression. Finland occupies a geostrategic location between the Baltic and Arctic Seas, and has a... MORE

Watch the Video – China’s Space Ambitions: Emerging Dimensions of Competition

The Jamestown Foundation is proud to present an online webinar event, "China's Space Ambitions: Emerging Dimensions of Competition," which took place on Wednesday, August 19, at 11:00 AM. On June 23, a Chinese carrier rocket was launched carrying with it the Beidou Global Satellite Navigation System. This launch placed into orbit the 30th and final... MORE

Eastern Approaches: Reconnoitering the Suwalki Corridor

The Jamestown Foundation is proud to release the inaugural episode of a new video interview series, Eastern Approaches. Named after the book of the same name by British diplomat, spy and adventurer, Fitzroy Maclean, Eastern Approaches will feature conversations with renowned experts on the most important... MORE

Conference Video – Balkan Energy Battlegrounds: Gas Pipelines and Geopolitics

The Jamestown Foundation is proud to present “Balkan Energy Battlegrounds: Gas Pipelines and Geopolitics,” a multi-panel conference discussing the emerging geopolitical competition over natural gas supplies to Southeastern Europe. In December 2019, the United States announced new sanctions targeting pipe-laying vessels that had been engaged... MORE