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Serbia Bolsters Connections With Russia and China

Executive Summary: Serbia’s new government is bolstering its connections with Russia through the appointment of Kremlin-linked ministers. Belgrade is also expanding its economic and media links with China following the visit of Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping. The Aleksandar Vučić administration continues to... MORE

China Evaluates Partnership With Russia

Executive Summary: Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to make China the first foreign trip of his new presidential term, signaling his need to reaffirm the strategic partnership. Russia is closely monitoring US-China and EU-China dialogues ahead of the Ukraine peace summit in July, to which... MORE

Anti-Junta Rebels Resort to 3D-Printed Weapons in Myanmar

Executive Summary Anti-junta rebels in Myanmar are increasingly turning to 3D-printed weaponry to fight the regime’s forces. These weapons are significantly cheaper to acquire and easier to produce than factory-made armaments. Going forward, 3D printers may offer insurgents arounds the world a new means by... MORE

Russia Kowtows to China

Executive Summary: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made an official visit to China earlier this month to meet with Chinese President Xi Jin Ping and Foreign Ministry, laying the foundation for future cooperation. Lavrov underscored that Russia’s priority is to strengthen and consolidate relations with... MORE