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Russia Shifting Cargo Traffic Away From Baltic Ports to Its Own

Since 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Moscow has worked hard to reduce cargo traffic via seaports in the three Baltic States—Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia—to punish them for what the Kremlin sees as their unfriendly policies. Moscow has been doing this by building up its own... MORE

New Revelations of China’s Growing Interests in Ukraine

Chinese billionaire and co-founder/former executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, visited Ukraine on November 7. During his trip, which, started in Kharkiv, he attended the Kyiv International Economic Forum, where he delivered a keynote speech (, November 7). While in Kharkiv, Ma met... MORE

The Xiangshan Forum and Emerging Themes in PRC Military Diplomacy

Introduction: The Beijing Xiangshan Forum and the PRC’s International Security Propaganda In October, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) hosted two events that illustrated the PRC’s continuing and expanding efforts in the field of military diplomacy. The first of these was the seventh Military World... MORE