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Russian Cossacks to Join National Guard Units

The ataman (head) of the Kuban Cossack voisko (army), Nikolay Doluda, reported that a National Guard platoon made up entirely of Cossacks is being created in Krasnodar Krai. This Cossack National Guard platoon will eventually be scaled up to a company, a battalion or even... MORE

Belarus: National Cohesion and Political Culture

If there is a common refrain to be found in the continual stream of ostensibly disparate but newsworthy developments related to Belarus, it is the country’s lingering quest for national unity. Lately, this overarching narrative has been entangled in Belarus’s Olympic triumphs in PyeongChang. First,... MORE

Romania Prepares to Modernize Its Helicopter Fleet

As part of the drive to bolster its defense capabilities, Romania is laying ambitious plans to replace and modernize its helicopter fleet. This process will have a significant impact in both military and economic terms. During the Cold War, Romania was unique among the Warsaw... MORE