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Western Belarus Policies: The Geostrategic and Moral Dimensions

In recent weeks, Belarusian civilians have been called up for military training in increasing numbers, with mobilization instructions attached to their military identification. Is this a prelude to entering the war against Ukraine, show for the Russians or preparation for contingencies? According to Artyom Shraibman,... MORE

Romania and Azerbaijan Mull New LNG Project on the Black Sea

On October 19, Romania’s Romgaz and Azerbaijan’s Socar inked a memorandum of understanding expressing an intention to “explore the opportunity of jointly developing a liquefied natural gas project [LNG] in the Black Sea” (, October 19). Both parties committed to preparing a comprehensive feasibility study;... MORE

Downplaying the Fall of Kherson, Moscow Aims to Freeze War

The liberation of Kherson by Ukrainian forces on November 11 was both predictable and surprising. The strategic imperative for withdrawing Russian troops from the indefensible position along the west side of the Dnipro River had been abundantly clear long before the “difficult decision” presented by... MORE

Russian UAVs: What Has Gone Wrong?

Since the beginning of its large-scale aggression against Ukraine, Russia has demonstrated relatively poor capabilities regarding its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), much poorer than one would expect given the extensive resources Moscow has dedicated to this aspect of its military. Throughout the past 12 years,... MORE

Ukraine Poised to Liberate Western Kherson

On November 9, in a televised conference, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin, announced another major Russian setback (TASS, November 9). At Surovikin’s recommendation, Shoigu approved the pullback of Russian forces from the right bank of... MORE

Russia’s Managed Escalation in Ukraine (Part One)

Russian nuclear escalation threats became the topic of most intense discussion after President Vladimir Putin’s statements on September 21 and 30. In these statements, Putin hinted more explicitly than ever before at the possibility of unconventional escalation if Ukraine continues to liberate its temporarily Russian-occupied... MORE