Sergey Sukhankin

Sergey Sukhankin is a Fellow at The Jamestown Foundation. He is a historian from Kaliningrad and Associate Expert at the International Centre for Policy Studies (Kyiv). His area of scientific interest primarily concerns Kaliningrad and the Baltic Sea region.

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Articles by Sergey Sukhankin

Russia Embarks on Military Buildup in the Far East

The Russian government stated, on February 1, that units of the Aerospace Forces (Vozdushno-Kosmicheskiye Sily—VKS) are to be located on Iturup Island (southern end of the Kurile Islands chain, disputed

Russia Tests EW Capabilities Ahead of Zapad 2017

The development of electronic warfare (EW) capabilities is a strategic priority for Russia (see EDM, July 19). And Moscow’s preparations for the upcoming Zapad 2017 war games (September 14–20) have

Slavic Brotherhood 2017—A Road to Zapad 2017?

Belarus hosted the trilateral military exercise Slavic Brotherhood 2017, on June 6–14, bringing together Armed Forces personnel from Russia, Belarus and Serbia (, June 16). The maneuvers were headed by

Russian ‘Cyber Troops’: A Weapon of Aggression

Speaking to the Russian parliament (Duma) last February, Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu announced the creation of “information operations troops” (“cyber troops”) within the Armed Forces. He emphasized that

Ukraine Showcases Advanced New Air-to-Ground Rocket Munition

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced, on February 11, that Ukroboronprom (a state-owned association of multi-product enterprises in the defense industry) has successfully tested a new type of domestically produced air-to-ground

Russia Beefs up Its Offensive Cyber Capabilities

The Russian mass media (with a reference to the Reuters news agency) reported, on November 11, that Russian hackers launched a series of cyberattacks against analytical centers and think tanks

HIV Epidemic Spreads in Russia

Russian media reported, on November 2, that the Russian city of Yekaterinburg has been hit by an epidemic of HIV. Tatiana Savinova, first deputy director of local healthcare, stated that

Russia Playing Catch-Up in Cyber Security

On October 19, the Russian Ministry of Defense finalized the creation of a special communications system (“closed segment data transfer”) that can function autonomously from the global Internet (, October

The Baltic Sea Region: A New ‘Powder Keg?’

During the first half of this month (May 2–19), Estonia is hosting one of the largest military exercises in its post-Soviet history—“Spring Storm 2016” (Delfi, May 2). These war games