Jamestown Fellow Sergey Sukhankin Quoted in The New York Times Article on Russian Mercenaries in Africa

Jamestown Fellow Sergey Sukhankin was quoted in a New York Times article today on growing Russian influence in Africa. Specifically, Russia is expanding its ties to Mozambique, which is facing an Islamist insurgency in its northern province. Kremlin-linked Wagner Group private military contractors (PMCs) have deployed to the country to assist in fighting the jihadists. According to Sukhankin, Wagner PMCs have experienced difficulty in Mozambique, where several of them have died fighting the local militants. He described these PMCs as being unprepared for and lacking knowledge of the local environment. 

Sukhankin is the main project investigator of The Jamestown Foundation’s special project, “War By Other Means: Russia’s Use of Private Military Contractors at Home and Abroad.” To read the results of his research, click here.