Vadim Shtepa

Vadim Shtepa is an Estonian-based freelance journalist, whose main research interests include Russian federalism and regionalism. He is a regular author for web-journals and newspapers, including (Russia), New Region (Ukraine), Intersection (Poland), Spektr (Latvia), Ru.Delfi (Lithuania), Venäjän Kauppatie Lehti (Finland), and others. He is the author of two books, “Rutopia” (Moscow, 2004) and “Interregnum” (Petrozavodsk, 2012). Mr. Shtepa graduated from the Journalism faculty of the Moscow State University, 1992, and graduated from the Moscow School of Political Studies, in 2012.

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Articles by Vadim Shtepa

The Illusion of a Restored Russian Superpower

The new Russian foreign policy concept, signed by President Vladimir Putin, was published on December 1 (, December 1). It replaced the previous concept adopted in 2013. The Russian financial