China in Africa

China in Africa examines the complexity of China’s engagement with the African continent. The book covers critical issues such as Chinese soft and hard power, energy and arms relations, and China’s bilateral relations with African countries. Ultimately, this volume serves to assist in improving policymakers’ understanding of China’s growing footprint on the continent and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to secure American interests in the region.

Contributors include: Mauro De Lorenzo (American Enterprise Institute), Drew Thompson (Nixon Center), Wenran Jiang (University of Alberta), Paul Hare (U.S.-Angola Chamber of Commerce), Susan M. Puska (Defense Group, Inc.), Ian Taylor (University of St. Andrews), Chris Zambelis (Helios Global, Inc.), David Shinn (George Washington University), Joshua Eisenman (American Foreign Policy Council), Yitzhak Shichor (University of Haifa), Greg Mills and Christopher Thompson (Brenthurst Foundation), Andrew McGregor (Aberfoyle International), John C.K. Daly (The Jamestown Foundation), and Christopher Alden (London School of Economics).

Arthur Waldron is Lauder Professor of International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania (1997 to present) and a Board Member of The Jamestown Foundation. He is author of or contributor to over twenty books in English and Chinese.


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