Richard Arnold

Richard Arnold, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Muskingum University, where he teaches classes on Comparative Politics and International Relations. Dr. Arnold’s research focuses on xenophobic extremism in the Russian Federation and he has published papers in Nationalities Papers and Problems of Post-Communism on the Russian Neo-Nazi movement. He is also interested in Russian security more generally, including secessionism and radical Islam in the North Caucasus. Dr. Arnold is guest-editor of the January/February 2014 edition of Problems of Post Communism, which focuses on the Sochi Winter Olympics. He is also writing a piece on Alexei Navalny for the publisher Routledge.

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Articles by Richard Arnold

Non-Traditional Threats to Sochi

The recent warning from the US State Department not to wear patriotic clothing outside of the “ring of steel” in Sochi proper might have been thought to forestall an attack