Pavel Luzin

Dr. Pavel Luzin is a specialist in international relations and an expert on the Russian Armed Forces. He is a regular contributor to Riddle.

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    Russian-Chinese Cooperation in Space

    On March 9, Russia and China signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the construction of an international lunar research station (ILRS) (, March 9). Though there is no

    GLONASS Program for 2021–2030

    In January, Russia started a new federal ten-year program for developing a GLONASS dual-use satellite navigation system. Its main goal, and challenge, is to replace the old generation of satellites

    Cosmos ASATs and Russia’s Approach to Space Weapons

    In recent years, Russia repeatedly demonstrated the increasingly advanced orbital maneuvering capabilities of its satellites by conspicuously moving them closer to Russian, United States and European orbital space assets. These