Jamestown Board Member Gen. Philip M. Breedlove (ret.) and Jamestown Analyst Dr. Pavel Luzin Interviewed by The New York Times on Russia’s Military Modernization

On January 27, The New York Times published an article concerning Russia’s military modernization and its impact on the Ukraine crisis. In the article, Jamestown Board Member, General Philip M. Breedlove (ret.) and Jamestown analyst, Dr. Pavel Luzin, were interviewed. Dr. Luzin was quoted as stating that, “‘the mobility of the military, its preparedness and its equipment are what allow Russia to pressure Ukraine and to pressure the West…Nuclear weapons are not enough.'” General (ret.) Breedlove was then paraphrased as having said, “individual weapons systems are less important than the military’s innovative use of knowledge gained in each of the engagements of Mr. Putin’s tenure,” after which General (ret.) Breedlove was quoted as stating that, “The compliment that we have to pay to Russia is that they are a learning and adaptive force…Every time we see them in conflict, they get a little better and a little better.”