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Dr. Jacek Bartosiak is the author of several best-selling books, including Pacyfik i Eurazja. O Wojnie (Pacific and Eurasia. On War), 2016, which focuses on the ongoing great power competition in Eurasia and a possible war in the Western Pacific, as well as Rzeczpospolita między Lądem a Morzem. O wojnie i pokoju (Poland and Intermarium Between the Land and the Sea Powers), 2018, which deals with the geostrategic reality Poland and Europe face in the era of great power competition and is an in-depth study of the Central Eastern European theater of war and modern warfare.

He is a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Foundation in Washington, DC, the Director of the Wargaming & Simulations Program at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, as well as a co-founder of PlayofBattle (a wargaming and simulation games studio). He is additionally a contributor at Nowa Konfederacja and at New Generation Warfare Center in Washington DC. Dr. Bartosiak is a former (2018–2019) CEO of Solidarity Transport Hub, the largest infrastructure project in Poland’s history; and an advisor to the Government plenipotentiary for the Solidarity Transport Hub (2017–2018). He is a graduate of the Law and Public Administration Faculty of Warsaw University and is an attorney, specializing in corporate, business and financial law, and a Managing Partner at a Warsaw-based law office since 2004.

As a renowned expert on geopolitics, Dr. Bartosiak has been a leading voice in the debate on the strategic reality of Central Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Western Pacific as well as factors affecting these geopolitical realities. He he has participated in countless conferences and speaking engagements in Poland and worldwide.

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    Belarus as a Pivot of Poland’s Grand Strategy

    Executive Summary For 500 years, Poland’s grand strategy successfully rested on building various points of leverage with the leaderships and societies in the East—in the so-called Intermarium, between the Baltic